What We Do



We excel in writing TV Commercials. No production is too big or too small. Let us create a novel approach to your commercial needs.


We have created a way to stream your production and monetize at a higher rate of profit. AVS can take your TV concept from script to screen and help you realize your dream.


Decades of production experience and thinking outside of the traditional box allows us to add creativity to a corporate model.



Post Malone Commercial

Artistic Visual Studios created a proof-of-concept marketing model for Post Malone in the NewAge live streaming and TV broadcast space. The commercial highlights our model, encouraging audience members to participate in a contest by simply live streaming a pay-per-view event on their smart devices. AVS can create a custom marketing and revenue-building model for your event or business on a global level through smart technology.

DJ Africa Commercial

Artistic Visual Studios shot and edited the commercial video and promotional material for the upcoming television series, DJ Africa competition featuring some of Africa’s most popular deejays engaged in a musical and skills battle and vying for the title of DJ Africa. The show will chronicle the journey from auditions to the grand finale: a televised special that will occur in London, England. Artistic Visual Studio is slated for the production of the series.


TV Broadcast


TV Talk Show with Neill Skylar and Chris Saphire

Artistic Visual Studios event hosts, Neill Skylar [Fuel Network M80 Host] and Chris Saphire are always on deck to cover the entertainment scene around the Dallas area. The lively duo were hosting a Grand Opening party and interviewed HBO actress Karen McCoy, from the hit TV show, The Leftovers. AVS can live stream your award show, concert, party, fashion shows or any event, etc. We understand how to capture the important moments live.

Cannabis Unlocked TV Series

Artistic Visual Studios has created Cannabis Unlocked, the brainchild of founder Doug Johnston and Hosted by Spaceboi Fresh. The reality docu-series explores the world of cannabis growers and users around the world. The Pilot episode was shot in Denver, Colorado with Andy and Pete Williams, who founded Medicine Man to produce low-cost, high-quality medical marijuana. The Medicine Man gave AVS an all-access, guided tour of the facility.


Corporate Videos


Pentair Aquatic Eco-System

Artistic Visual Studios partnered with Pentair, (the #1 aquatic eco-system manufacturer) to produce their corporate video. Pentair contracted AVS to highlight the company’s environmental friendly manufacturing facility and dedicated employees. Pentair is a conscious driven company with a reputation “for quality in delivering sustainable water solutions.” Pentair pool products are the most superior and innovative in the pool industry.

Cactus Stone and Tile

Artistic Visual Founder, Doug Johnston, showcased the design work of Cactus Stone and Tile in a promotional video. AVS transformed their showroom into a gallery and captured the superior craftsmanship of Cactus Stone and Tile. The video features an array of the company’s tile products seen in an artistic approach with unlimited possibilities. Let AVS showcase your companies work in a spectacular manner, with their advanced approach to marketing.