Listen To What We Are Doing With WATERtv

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About Us:

We combine innovative video marketing, writing and over the top media design. Artistic Visual Studios development team’s expertise is to create passionate corporate video and rich media marketing that motivates our audience. We focus on understanding your desired positioning and use this as the strategic driver to build compelling video and over the top media content that delivers great results.

Our mission at Artistic Visual Studios is to take people on an exploration into the art form and celebration of aquatic and architectural spaces that forever impact our lives. Showing them that behind it all is a collection of brilliant professionals that design and build some of the most inventive scenarios for our enjoyment; true Artisans. Our approach has been a grassroots movement to be innovators, leaders in corporate story telling. As creators, as tour guides to our viewers we stay in the forefront leading the industry to new ground, that is what makes us great.

Doug and his talented team of artists and experts at Artistic Visual Studios are devoted to the details of each project.  From scale and proportion, light and color, to every element of the design, they are committed to producing a masterpiece that will realize their client’s vision, and ultimately, the dreams of their client’s client.

Although modern technology is ever evolving, Doug remains steadfast on some old-fashioned points of doing business.  At Artistic Visual Studios pride of innovation, craftsmanship and reliable personal service is central to the collective work ethic, ensuring a high-quality partnership that will help their clients succeed in the marketplace.

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